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More and more people are looking for podcast training in order to add a podcast onto their business nowadays.

They see the success that others are getting and think that they can duplicate that success on their own by heading off to YouTube or just trial and error.

Big mistake as they will only show you how to launch a podcast.

This Podcast Course has been developed so you feel that you have a podcasting expert sitting next to you.

An expert showing you the kind of things that you really need to know throughout your podcasting life.

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podcast training
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Let’s get this straight, without expert help getting people to listen to your show is really, really hard.

Did you know the majority of podcasters fail to get more than 200 listens per episode?

Then to make any money you need to get those people to buy your products, get on your email list, or sign up for your coaching programs.

That is where the difficulty quadruples over night.

Don’t worry though as there is a way to make a fantastic living from podcasting, and we are here to show you how as we are doing just what you want to do already.

podcast training
how to make your podcast a success

Podcasting success comes from what you do away from the microphone more than what you do on it. 

This is the piece of the puzzle that nobody ever talks about in their podcast training.

When we realised this we knew that the podcasting community as a whole were doing things wrong.

So we forgot all about the podcast training that we thought we knew, and went off on a totally different podcast course to everyone else and never looked back…TOTAL GAME CHANGER

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We Are Happy To Answer Every Question You Have

You might have some other questions I haven't answered, so here's what I get asked most often:

If you can use a phone, or a computer (and if you are reading this then I bet you can do both) you are more advanced than you think. There are a few things to learn to make a podcast sound great, but it really isn’t hard.

There are so many benefits from exposure, customer loyalty, email list growing, to becoming an expert in record time. The more you podcast the more you find out what it can do for your business.

Many podcasters take a long time to record and produce a podcast, but that’s just boring. At Podcasters Mastery our record is 19 seconds to get a show finished, which we guess can be classed as “Not long at all”

There are costs involved, such as web hosting, podcast file hosting to name just two. But I dont see why you cant start podcasting on around $50 per month.

No other course online today gives you a system to follow that generates an ever increasing audience. FACT. Also no other course, shows you how to record and edit super fast FACT. And no other course has the founder as involved on a day to day basis FACT.

Yes you can do, but it all comes down to the simple fact of listeners. In the majority of cases, if you release a show that doesnt grow, then no you wont. But dont worry. We will show you ways that you can still make the money even if you dont get a iTunes busting top show. We will show you how to make money with just one listener.

We teach a system that should start returning income straight away. We dont want to wait years before the cash comes in to your bank account, so lets start doing the right things from the start that makes it happen fast.

I started simply because I thought it would be an easy life. Oh, how wrong I was!!! But through those struggles I find what I now teach to you guys. So its given me a great life, but not in the way that others led me to believe before i started.

I think they give up as they are following training techniques that worked five years ago and not today. If you aren’t seeing the results then its hard to keep going. We like to teach the things that are working today to help you grow a podcast that works for your business.